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We are an employer branding and social agency that transforms early careers in the built environment, through data-driven insights.

We specialise in the property and built environment sector, helping elevate brand presence and relevance via student focused marketing.

We possess state of art infrastructure and a team of greatest minds to ensure full solutions, creativity, and strive to help our clients achieve their goals. We are aiming to become one of the best digital marketing agencies in London for early talent marketing solutions that target students and young people.

Our sister brand and award-winning platform, The Land Collective us helps to forge ongoing relationships with students, universities, and companies.

Our knowledgable and collabrative team of designers, producers, strategists, developers and content creators – are all full of solutions, creativity and drive to help our clients achieve their goals.

We are Sqft Digital.

Our Objectives

Industry Visibility

We want to help improve the industry’s visibility towards students, as it pertains to career opportunities. We work in an exciting sector and should shout about it more!

Diversity & Inclusion

We want to see a better gender and ethnic balance across the property and built environment industry, we believe we can help achieve this by proving to students at college and university that this a viable and attainable career path, no matter their background or personal connections.

Graduate Recruitment: Reimagined

To provide companies of all sizes across the property and built environment industries marketing solutions which target students and young people for emerging talent recruitment.

Build & Maintain Relationships

To forge ongoing relationships with students, universities and companies within the built environment sector to create events, experiences, drive insights and provide marketing solutions that deliver excellent results in the graduate recruitment process.