5 ways you can attract students to your company

5 ways you can attract students to your company


With the graduate recruitment cycle well underway, companies are setting their sights on the best soon-to-be graduates to hire, develop, and bring in revenue in the future. It’s a super competitive time and your company has to stand out to attract students. One way to do this is by adapting your early talent attraction strategy regularly, to keep up with developments. We’ve put together a list of tips you can implement to attract students to your business, both on and off-campus, (COVID friendly, of course!).

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Keep an eye on social media trends

Carry out some research on the students you are targeting, consider their habits, hobbies, and more importantly, their social media use. Advertising and sharing creative content about your company on different platforms can get more eyes on the business. As an example, Twitter is a great source for educational content by way of threads. One way that you can attract students is by creating threads on Twitter about what certain departments in your company do, what a graduate gets up to on an average day or even, breaking down concepts or misconceptions about certain topics.

Create a social media account dedicated to students and graduates

Following on from the previous tip, companies usually don’t get the value that comes from career dedicated social accounts. Setting up these accounts allows students to engage with your company in a more friendly and informal way online and more importantly gives an insight into your business, outside of what they may see generically on your website. Students overwhelmingly follow some of their favourite brands on social media, so why can’t it be yours too? Consider platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or even Youtube to showcase your company behind the scenes!

Engaging in this way online could also mean the beginning of more creative applications from students, who enjoy your presence online.

Host events throughout the year, not just during graduate recruitment cycles

Students know and understand when it’s recruiting time. Companies flock to their campuses and emails about employer events and application deadlines begin to pile up, but what about the rest of the year? *crickets*

We all dislike being sold to in one way or another, so building trust and a strong rapport throughout the year is something important that should be considered in your student recruitment strategy. One way you can add value throughout the year is by hosting events (well, webinars now!) outside of the graduate recruitment cycle about topics such as employability, applications and your company and/or industry, to network with students and gain their trust.

Consult your most recent intake

Learning from your successes and mistakes as a business is vital, and what better way to learn than from the people who have just been through the process? Allow your most recent intake of graduates to speak freely on the actions your company took throughout the last recruitment process, noting down the aspects of the process they did and did not like, as well as their opinions on how the company should reach out in the future.

Build relationships with university societies

Building relationships on-campus to build brand awareness is very important. Where you can try and diversify the universities that you connect with to ensure a diverse talent pool and support events and societies that align with your company values and objectives. For example, if your company requires that students are commercially aware, why not partner with a commercial awareness society and support commercial awareness competitions at university as a judge? Connecting in this way shows students that your company genuinely cares about their personal development and growth.

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