FAQ Students

Student Ambassador FAQs

Below you can find a list of our most frequently asked questions from students, if you don't see your question addressed below, please contact us!

Can I apply to be an ambassador if I'm in my first year?

Of course! We are looking for university students across all years, which include first years and postgraduates wanting to get involved.

I'm concerned about how being a student ambassador will coincide with my studies, how would I be able to manage?

All of our student brand ambassador opportunities are part-time and flexible to fit around busy student schedules.

What types of ambassadors are there?

Depending on the project, there are short-term and long-term ambassadors.

A short-term ambassador can represent more than one employer for a duration of one-four weeks usually.

A long-term ambassador only represents one employer for the entire academic year, potentially longer if required.

What social media accounts would I need to become an ambassador?

The more the merrier! However, we ask at the very least you have an active Facebook account.

We are very active on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

What are the next steps after I have made my online application?

Your application will be reviewed by a member of our team, if successful you’ll be invited to a telephone interview which will review your skills and background.

The final stage would require a two to four-minute video submission, speaking about your motivations for applying. This is a great way to show who you are and get creative, so don’t be afraid to!

Depending on the client being represented, there may be additional stages such as a psychometric test or in-person interview; but you will be made aware of this as soon as possible.

What does being put on 'standby' mean?

There are two cases where ‘Standby’ would apply.

i) we haven’t been able to match you with an employer yet (long-term ambssadors).
ii) you responded to late to a job invitation, so you’re on standy in-case someone were to drop out or fall ill (short-term ambassadors).

Do I have to be a British national to apply?

No, but you do need to prove your eligibility to work/study in the United Kingdom.

If successful, you will have to provide us with copies of your passport/birth certificate, national insurance number and visa.

I don't have any prior brand ambassador or marketing experience, can I still apply?

Of course you can! All training will be given by us along with our clients.

If you’re a long-term student ambassador, training will be held at the client’s offices.

This is a great opportunity to meet the graduate recruitment team, network with current graduates and other employees at the company and find out more about the company from their perspective.

The training day will be spent learning more about your role, the objectives for the campaign and the activities you’ll be taking part in. You’ll also receive a handbook and any uniform/merch.

How much work can I expect?

As a student ambassador,you’ll be hired on a casual basis.

As soon as there are campaigns available at your university, you will be contacted via email.

Positions will be on a first come first served basis, so do keep an eye out to avoid disappointment! 

Please also add our email to your contacts, so we don’t get sent to junk! campus@sqftdigital.com

What kind of work will I be doing as a student ambassador?

Each campaign and client are different, but most of our campaigns will involve the following activities:

  • social media promotion of various roles and recruitment cycles,
  • carrying out surveys on campus,
  • working employer and career focused events on campus,
  • conducting competitor research,
  • running and hosting your own campus events. 
Is there any opportunities for promotions or graduate employment?

Yes! Depending on your performance, there will be opportunities for promotion to Student Brand Manager, which will oversee the activity of the other campus ambassadors on your campus.

Additionally, there are opportunities for further graduate employment, placements and internships with our employer clients.