Student Brand Ambassadors

Student Brand Ambassadors

Students are known to be a difficult demographic to reach, which is why we are passionate about peer-to-peer marketing and the impact that it has. For this reason, we utilize student brand ambassadors and student influencers from a range of different universities across the country. Our network is full of confidence, bright students with fantastic connections both online and on-campus. 

This helps the companies to excel in their advertisement to reach groups like the “Gen-Z” population. For successful student brand ambassadors, we work in steps and follow essential tools like trusted by peers, presence on campus and walking & talking billboard: 

Define the goals for your program: We help companies to get connected with students to define the right ways to achieve goals based on website traffic, sales, and conversions.      

Established KPIs: KPIs are smart – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and attached to a defined Timeline that increases companies’ success rate. 

Reviews and Adjust: The students are trained on state of the art technologies and familiar with nuts and bolts to assure the companies in meeting the desired goals.